Celebrate CNA Week Toolkit

The last two years mark an incredible moment in history for CNAs, who have had an incredibly positive impact on older adults and those who work in and manage nursing homes, assisted living communities, and in home care.

This toolkit is designed for all providers to use in celebrating their healthcare heroes via social media and throughout their centers.

Senior Care

Employee Insights Survey

The CNA Association

There are many benefits to being a member of the National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA). As the CNA Association, we stand together to demonstrate our professional pride and advocate for policies and practices that advance certified nursing assistants in their careers as well as their personal lives. NAHCA members represent nursing homes, assisted living, home care, hospice, and even hospital care. We have a large number of CNA members nationwide.

Make Your Voice Heard!

Contact your representative and make your voice heard. We make it easy with a range of tools that summarize the issues, provide sample letters and help you contact your members of Congress. Your work as an advocate is crucial to motivating legislators and other policymakers.

NAHCA Issues Statement on COVID-19 Vaccinations for Certified Nursing Assistants

Following much deliberation and consideration about COVID-19 and the rise of its variants, the National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA) remains divided on the issue of supporting across-the-board vaccine mandates for all aging services employees. While NAHCA urges all frontline staff caring for elders to get vaccinated, the organization also recognizes the significant division on the question of vaccinations among its membership.
Karren Ganschinietz

We Are Warriors

As I watched those brave soldiers, I found myself thinking of the brave CNAs putting on their armor (PPE) and considering their choice of weapons—only a gait belt and a walkie-talkie. These CNAs march to the frontline to protect their kings and queens.

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Sherry Perry

Still Standing: In the Words of CNAs

This nation’s CNAs were strong; they showed their resilience, and their strength was like none no one had ever seen. They stood tall, proud of their fellow CNAs. Battles were won with every life that made it through, just as battles were lost with every life lost.

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