Katie Page, NAHCA Professional Development Coach

Katie Page
Professional Development Coach

It’s been said that most people do not view this type of profession as a calling. From the moment I stepped into my role as a CNA, I knew this was something special. My mother says that I took to it like a duck to water. I started out as a dietary aide in a nursing home of my home town. Thirteen years ago as a high school student it seemed like big money. It was my mother who convinced me to take the CNA course, along with the persuasion of my D.O.N. at the time. I continued working there for roughly a year after that. The College Life took its toll, as it sometimes does, and I begin to think that other things were more important than the care that I was responsible for giving. (I refer to these as my dark years,) I quit my job and became an alcoholic at the age of 18.

My roommate got me a job at a nursing home in a neighboring town. I was a retched little thing. Negativity fumed from me. My life began to spiral out of control. This was my turning point. My D.O.N. Rita Thompson, took me into her office, sat me down, and took the time to put things into perspective for me.  She explained to me the amount of potential she saw in me and informed me that she was going to send me to the NAHCA preceptor course. I left that class a completely different person. I continued working and striving for a new goal. Eventually becoming (as Rita put it) a vital piece to the organization. I became the Leadership Team Captain, a member of the Iowa Steering Commission, and the go to girl at my facility.

After meeting my husband I decided to move to Algona, Ia. I searched for NAHCA member facilities in the area before doing so. I interviewed and accepted a position at the Good Samaritan Society as their acting Leadership Team Captain. There I continued to strive for greater things building an awesome leadership team and eventually applying for a position on the National Steering Commission.  Next came the big one… a call from Lori Porter… and here I am 13 years later, married to a wonderful man, 2 beautiful little boys, and a dream job with NAHCA in Joplin, MO. I am so excited to see what the future holds and what we will accomplish together.

Email - kpage@nahcacareforce.org

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