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Ask Lori Anything - Volume 1 Take 1

1. With reimbursement being based mostly on customer satisfaction now and 90% of customer satisfaction coming from the work CNAs perform daily; how will the stress of keeping their residents 100% satisfied affect the professions turnover rate and what can we do to prevent the CNAs from feeling like the weight of this is solely on their shoulders?
2. How do you deal with difficult patient family members?
3. Because the state of Iowa has recently closed most of their mental facilities, nursing homes are getting more mental health residents that they do not feel equipped to take care of.

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 1 Take 2

1. How does a CNA find time to take courses and make it a priority?

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 1 Take 3

1. How do you defuse bullying?
2. What is the best way to teach regulations to your peers?
3. Why should I support NAHCA in my facility?

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 1 Take 4

1. How do you feel about mandation?
2. Do you have any advice for me to help this home become a better place?

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 1 Take 5

1. What would you like to see happen to the CNA profession in ten to twenty years from now and where do you see NAHCA in that same time frame?
2. What can we do for the new millennium CNAs to be brought out more into the shining light of their profession?
3. How do you suggest companies boost morale and make attitudes more positive?

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 1 Take 6

1. How do I motivate the mentors and new staff to complete the program?
2. What is the best way for a CNA to react to a show of extreme disruptive behavior by a resident in a common place such as the dining room full of residents and family members?
3. What is the proper way to communicate with administration?  The DON asked a CNA to do something not knowing a nurse had just asked her to do something else.  The CNA just started yelling.

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 1 Take 7

1. What do you do if you've trained a new nursing assistant CNA twice and they still don't get it?
2. What is the best way to keep morale up?
3. How do you educate everyone that resident is everyone's responsibility?

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 1 Take 8

1. What are some of the other facilities doing to get prepared for the baby boomers?
2. What do you do when your passion and love for this profession becomes a daily 'Trial by Fire' and threatens your continued existence?
3. It's overwhelming to be in a leadership role.  What are some tips you have used in your life that could help me succeed?

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 1 Take 9

1. What do we have to do to get you to come speak at one of our In-services?  Our employees need a good pep talk!
2. How do you get others (staff, nurses, administration) to come out on the floor to help when staff shortages exist?
3. How do you motivate people to do things like distance learning that will help them improve themselves and care for the residents?

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 1 Take 10

1. How do you get everyone motivated again?  Members are saying I'm not a NAHCA member, poor meeting attendance, negative attitude creeping back in, poor compliance with NVCC.
2. How can I keep from getting frustrated when dealing with residents with dementia?
3. What is the Focus on Excellence program and how does completing classes help my care center?

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 1 Take 11

1. How can we stop the bullying?
2. Our facility recently sold to another company.  They've cut the ratio of CNA to Resident.  The original staffed 1 to 6 CNAs.  The new company staffs 1 to 10 CNAs.  What happened?

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 1 Take 12

1. What is the proper way to communicate with administration?
2. Why aren't CNAs getting the respect they deserve after all the work they have put in?

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 2 Take 1

1. Why is there such a separation between shifts?
2. What would be the best way for us to approach our owners about fundraising?

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 2 Take 2

1. How do we get more CNAs and prevent burnout of our reliable CNAs?
2. What are some sources online about Medicaid and how it is affecting my center?
3. I'm not sure if being a preceptor is for me.  Should I keep up with the course?

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 2 Take 3

1. A resident requested to stay in bed later during the morning.  I made sure to tell my charge nurse in within the hour a family came in to visit their loved one.  During the visit the family member got angry with me and later the DON expressed that I needed to get the resident up.  Is this considered resident abuse?
2. How should I handle a new CNA who acts like they know everything and I'm training them yet frequently during our shift, the CNA is rudely telling me what to do?
3. What is normal CNA staffing ratios for 40 residents?

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 2 Take 4

1. Why do CNAs not make more money?
2. Why don't we have more help?
3. Why are CNA's hours cut when census drops?

Ask Lori Anything - Volume 2 Take 5

1. Is it wrong to go to a resident's funeral?
2. I may have lost my job tonight.  I'm without words. I witnessed a CNA smack someone on their rear end and yell at them. I went to my LPN and tried to tell someone about it and got ignored, so I said to my friend, "we will report it to someone else tomorrow."  So I reported it and got asked to leave for not reporting it yesterday. 
3. I'm doing my clinicals this week to finish up my CNA class, but I'm having a problem with my mentor CNA that is at the facility where I'm at.  It's an alzheimer's and dementia lockdown facility.  My mentor is calling all the residents kiddos and little girls. She's also just walking into rooms and pulling off the blankets and sheets without saying a single word.  I feel they are our elders and should be treated as adults and respect.  What should I do?  I want to correct her, but I'm just in training.  Should I say something?